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Dhela Zone in Jim Corbett

A Geographic view of the Dhela zone in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is mainly home to Bengal tigers and also shelters many other wild animals, birds, and reptiles in abundance. Spending time at Jim Corbett National Park while staying with us at Corbett Treat Resorts can surely make anyone's mood in an instant. With several activities to engage oneself, Jim Corbett National Park can let individuals get close to mother nature and check her majestic beasts and birds that stay in the wild. The ideal minimum staying tenure for visiting Jim Corbett National Park would be 2 Nights/3 Days.

Dhela is one of the major tourist attraction spots in the Jim Corbett National Park and can be termed the core zone for finding large Bengal tigers. Elephants, deer, reptiles, snakes, and birds can be found in abundance in this region.Dhela Zone Jim Corbett is open for tourists throughout the year and individuals can check the different areas for gazing at wild animals and birds. It is essential to contact us at Corbett Treat resort to check availability and book rooms regarding a stay at the Jim Corbett National Park.

A general guide to the Dhela Zone

The Dhela zone is located in the southern part of the Jim Corbett National Park and visitors frequent this location during all the seasons of the year. The Dhela Zone Jim Corbett is surrounded by deep forests and is around 1200 hectares in dimension. A large variety of birds, tigers, sloth bears, and reptiles are found in this area and people can easily catch a tiger or two passing by. The area is surrounded by Sal trees making it a perfect hunting ground for tigers. The Sambhar deer is another variety of deer found in this part and the tigers feast on it due to their slow movements.

Dhela Zone is open to visitors and tourists around the year and provides a remarkable sight of distinct animals and birds. The terrain is also magnificent to look at and forest lovers would surely love the smell of trees like Bel, Mahua, and even Bakli. Another species of pine is available in the area which is known as the Chir Pine. Nature lovers can certainly enjoy the tranquil rides in the Dhela Zone while staying with us at Corbett Treat Resorts.

Dhela Zone Jim Corbett has two trails leading to the wild forests which travellers and visitors can visit within a stretch of 4-5 kilometres in the forest interiors. Being a core region, this area is protected by rangers and forest officials to preserve wild life in its natural habitat and avoid human interventions.

This is the complete overview of the Dhela Zone area at Jim Corbett National Park while staying with us at Corbett Treat Resort on a vacation. Corbett Treat Resort can help in conducting Jeep Safaris and even help visitors with various activities and field trips around the area. Many sports activities are also conducted in this Corbett National Park which includes a wide array of adventurous activities like cycling, river rafting, bungee jumping, trekking and more. Individuals can contact us at Corbett Treat Resort by phone or visit our website available online for any enquiries and Resort in Jim Corbett National Park.

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