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Jim Corbett Jeep Safari – Come See Nature In Its Wildlife

It is a fact that nothing would be better compared to Jim Corbett Jeep Safari in terms of exploring the huge National Park situated in the state of Uttarakhand. Here, you will come across over 650 endangered bartered animal species, being the oldest National Park in the country. Without a Jeep Safari, it will not be possible for you to encounter ferocious wild animals in this park. Covering as many as 520 km², the Jim Corbett National Park can boast of having hills, massive lakes, marshy lands, river belts, and so forth.

Jeep Safari’s are the most reliable and safe way to cover the core zones of the forest. Jeep Safari options are available in this area which will help you to explore the wildlife without any problem whatsoever. There is no doubt that once you visit this place you will be completely mesmerized by the tranquillity and beauty of nature. Although the wildlife in this park is known to attract a plethora of tourists every year. Jeep safari’s tours are guided by trained local drivers and guides. Jeep Safaris will allow you to explore the well-known Tiger Reserve from a close distance while encountering some startling creatures as well. In case you are fortunate enough, it might be possible for you to watch the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger here as well.

Make use of Jeep Safari for watching the indigenous environment

Among the 600 endangered bird and animal species, 586 species of migratory and resident birds, 50 species of raptors, and 35 species of dragonflies, together with buffaloes, leopards, jungle cats, Indian elephants, hog deer, leopard cats, and so on will simply enchant you. Moreover, you have the privilege of getting a glimpse of Himalayan goral, Himalayan black beer, owls, Indian gray mongoose, macaques, and so forth.

Nevertheless, the thickness of the forest and the rich flora makes it somewhat difficult to watch these animals easily. However, the good thing is that it will not be an issue right here since the Jeep drivers are conversant with this reserve inside out and will assist you in spotting some astounding animals as well.

Spend your time wisely

While putting up in one of the many luxury resorts in Jim Corbett, make sure to spend your time sensibly when it comes to exploring the wonderful National Park with an extensive range of flora and fauna. It is important to plan your Jeep Safari at least 45 days in advance specially in the peak season months of April-May-June and Oct-Nov-Dec. Resort staff can help you in choosing the best of the available gates as per the latest sighting trends of wildlife. The main gates/zones which are must recommended are Jhirna, Dhela and Bijrani followed by Phato, Garjiya & Durgadevi zones. Barring Jhirna and Dhela, all other gates remain close during the rainy season of July to Sep. Jhirna and Dhela are open throughout the year for tourists. Bijrani gate remains closed between July to mid oct.

Simply getting a glimpse of these beautiful and exotic creatures will satisfy your instinct from the inside. This happens to be an experience of a lifetime which you should do quite meticulously as well. Apart from this, you will encounter fresh winds within the park after hopping on an open Jeep. A Safari ride in this area will be extremely delightful and enjoyable when experienced from the comfort of a Jeep.


The Jim Corbett National Park is open to the public in summers from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM and again from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. In winters the timings are changed and morning safari’s happen between 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM and in the afternoon from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM. Make sure to go to the official site of this park or talk to your resort team for getting more information before coming here in person and taking advantage of the Jim Corbett Jeep Safari.

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