Address:Corbett Treat Resort, Village Dhela, Jim Corbett National Park, Ramnagar (Nainital) Uttarakhand – 244715.  Reservation Line: +91-9873289303, +91-8057094258

Why is Corbett Treat Resort The Best Resort In Jim Corbett?

With the summer vacation season right at your doorstep, it's time to bring all your plans to action and finally go on your dream vacation! If you are tired of the heat and feel it's time for you to dive into the untouched and raw beauty of nature, the Jim Corbett National Park and Tiger Reserve at Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, is where you should be headed. Approximately around 270 kilometers from Delhi, this famous national park has earned worldwide renown for preserving endangered life forms that include over 75 different species of mammals and reptiles. Lodged deep within the forest cover, Jim Corbett attracts a crowd of tourists ranging from bird watchers and nature lovers to international guests every year. With a variety of fun and exciting activities in Jim Corbett and a beautiful stay at the luxury resorts, you will not have a single moment of boredom on your trip. Planning a trip is as exciting as actually going on the tour, if not more. And it is important that you do your research right, not only on the places to visit but also on the accommodations and facilities available at your chosen location. Thanks to the boom in tourism, there are numerous living accommodations available at Jim Corbett. However, there are certain factors that make the Corbett Treat Resort one of the most popular choices among Indian and foreign visitors alike. Wondering why you should make the Corbett Treat Resort your first priority? Read on to find out everything you need to know to plan the best trip of your life.

Explore The Raw Beauty Of Nature From The Closest Proximity:

The location of the Corbett Treat Resort is such that you will not only get a glimpse but a panoramic view of nature’s untouched magnificence. The view you can enjoy from the comfort of your room is almost as fulfilling as taking an actual nature walk! Every morning you wake up, you will have some soul-searching activity in Jim Corbett that begins with your spectacular experience of the sunrise from your living accommodation.

All The Modern Facilities And Amenities At Your Service:

The Corbett Treat Resort in Jim Corbett National Park and Tiger Reserve always prioritizes their guests which is why they are particularly attentive towards their comforts and discomforts. Be it the Deluxe Cottage Rooms or the Family Suite, every room is equipped with the latest apparatuses and equipment that the guests might need. As far as hospitality is concerned you do not have to worry about anything being amiss for the staff are always working their level best to accommodate your every whim and need! The rooms are regularly cleaned and sanitized with top-class maintenance so that the visitors and guests are content and overjoyed with their visit to Jim Corbett National Park.

Delectable Cuisines To Tingle Your Taste Buds And Cater To Your Cravings:

When you are on a vacation, the last thing you would want to worry about is the food. At the Corbett Treat Resort, the chefs and the kitchen staff put their hearts into every dish they make. Your trip will not be a hit without trying out the delicious, mouth-watering Kumaoni dishes which you can easily taste at the Corbett Treat luxury resort. However, almost every Indian cuisine including authentic north, south, west, and east Indian delicacies along with continental items are also on the menu! The biggest advantage here is that every ingredient used to prepare these items come from local sources that ensures the freshness and nutritious value of the food at your home in the jungles.

Lots Of Exciting Activities In Jim Corbett For The WildlIfe Lover In You:

Your tour will remain incomplete without the famous Corbett Jungle Safaris that takes you to the heartlands of the forest into the various Visitor zones like Jhirna Gate, Jim Corbett, and Dhela. If you are concerned about the process you need to follow to make your bookings, rest assured that Corbett Treat Resort will make all the arrangements. Only a mere 1.5 kilometers away from Jhirna Gate in Jim Corbett, this particular luxury resort offers a wildlife safari that will be etched into your memory. This is your opportunity to explore nature’s authentic creations and get a sneak peek into how wild animals live. Barking deer, elephants, Indian gray mongoose, slot bears, and of course, the great Bengal tigers that roam around in the forest will leave you awe-struck and inspired. A bird watcher’s paradise, Jim Corbett is home to over 580 bird species along with mammals and more than 25 different species of reptiles.
There are several reasons why the Corbett Treat Resort should be your destination for your next vacation. So start your planning now!

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