Address:Corbett Treat Resort, Village Dhela, Jim Corbett National Park, Ramnagar (Nainital) Uttarakhand – 244715.  Reservation Line: +91-9873289303, +91-8057094258

Refresh Yourself This Summer At The Luxurious And Wildlife Resorts In Jim Corbett:

If you are all set to make this the best summer of your life and plan the perfect trip that can be enjoyed by all of your travelling companions, friends, and family, the wildlife resort in Jim Corbett is here to make it happen.

 The Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve And National Park is a part of the rich Indian history that dates back to 1936 when the Hailey National park and the Jim Corbet tiger reserve were first established. While most are aware of the tigers, what many don’t know is that this resort and national park is also a bird watcher’s paradise. With over 600 species of different bird species and lush green landscapes, you will be left speechless with nature’s wonders here. The wildlife resort in Jim Corbett has always been a coveted tourist destination, and this summer, it could become a part of your vacation plans as well.

The vast expanse of the wild that makes up most of this tiger reserve and the national park includes almost 90% of big trees and various species of plants, with a mere 10% of grassland included inside the same complex. The jungle safari at Jim Corbett will give you a glimpse of mammals like elephants, leopards, deer, and the great Bengal tiger, as well as different reptiles, all in their natural habitat. To ensure the safety of the animals and the tourists, the entire safari is supervised by the Forest Department of India. At the Corbett Treat Resort, you can also choose from different safari options that include jeeps as well as Canter safaris for a more authentic feeling. There are two-time slots for the extremely popular jungle safari at Jim Corbett National Park. You can opt for the early morning safari or if you want to simply relax without being on a routine, opt for the afternoon slot. At Jim Corbett, you can rest assured that there would be plenty of animals and birds to observe without disturbing them and enjoy nature’s abundant beauty!

Stretching over an area of 522 square kilometers, the Jim Corbett National Park attracts thousands of tourists every year. This particular tourist destination in the Nainital District of Uttarakhand is a primary attraction for individuals all across the globe. Bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts, and anybody who wants to truly bask in nature’s glory come here to etch the scenery, the sights, and the overall splendor of the place permanently. So, this summer, take some time out of your regular  busy schedules and come here to the wildlife resort in Jim Corbett to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime, complete with mammals, reptiles, birds, and over 110 different species of plants at the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve and National Park. And if you want to get your chance to experience the magnificence of the varied wildlife, you should book your tickets now!

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