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Jhirna Gate in Jim Corbett

A Topological guide to the Jhirna Region in Jim Corbett National Park

Individuals travel to the forests and woodlands to escape the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Some even want to travel to pollution free forest zones and utilize the work from home culture while cherishing the beauties of nature. Visiting forest areas and enjoying Safaris can really help in one in relaxing and connecting the mother nature. Thus, it can be essential for some to flee to the various locations of Uttarakhand and visit the Jim Corbett National Park while staying with us at Corbett Treat Resort. The Jim Corbett National Park is divided into various zones and is considered a land for over 1000 species of birds and animals.

The Jhirna Zone in the Jim Corbett National Park is located in the southern part of the wild reserve. This area is mostly inhabited by tigers, sloth bears, and exotic birds in the vicinity. The area is around 16 kilometers away from Ramnagar and can be trotted utilizing the Dhela Gate entry point. Many variants of Nilgai, Sambhar, and Cheetals are present in this area including king cobras and deadly venomous snakes.

Details about Jhirna Zone in Jim Corbett National Park

As previously mentioned, the Jhirna Gate Jim Corbett is located in the southernmost part of the Jim Corbett National Park. Visitors can easily get a magnificent view of the wildlands and the picturesque locations in the areas. Jhirna used to be a place for village for the tribal people here but later the village was shifted to a different place due to the organizing of Tiger Conservation Project. Individuals can easily stay at Corbett Treat Resort and engage in various activities near Jhirna Gate Jim Corbett.

Jhirna Zone can be entered through the Dhela Gate which is around 2 kilometres away from our Corbett Treat Resort. Individuals can engage in activities like jeep safaris that aids in visiting the dense deciduous forest and catching the beautiful birds and animals up close. Individuals can also contact us at Corbett Treat Resort website to get details of our packages and rates available.

Places of attraction in Jhirna Zone

The Jhirna Zone near Jhirna Gate Jim Corbett is surrounded by shrubs and grassy areas known as chaurs. These are high vegetation zones that bring in deer and elephants to feed on the grasses and the trees. Vultures, Pelicans, and storks are easily visible in these areas and are known for the shelter of tigers, leopards and sloth bears near the vicinity. Individuals can spend their time at the Corbett Treat Resort, a place which welcomes people from all around the country with diverse backgrounds.

The above-mentioned guide can help in traveling to the Jhirna Gate Jim Corbett and catching a glimpse of the rare birds and animals in the location. Individuals can book their stay at Corbett Treat Resort and plan out their Safaris and treks accordingly. Several amenities are also present in the Corbett Treat Resort to aid visitors with necessary services and utilities.

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