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Distinct zones and places to visit while staying at Riverside Resorts in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park has been divided into 8 eco-tourism zones so that it is possible to manage tourism activities flawlessly in the tiger reserve area. The safari tour has been coordinated by the forest officials in a couple of shifts in all eco-tourism regions. Each zone is noted for its wildlife and natural beauty along with its natural charm. Each zone provides you with almost equal opportunities for tiger sightings with a trivial difference in topography. Let us delve deep into this article to find out more about the zones mentioned above.

Jhirna zone

This particular zone is open throughout the year for tourists, and this has made it among the most popular zones in the Jim Corbett National Park. Situated in the Corbett National Park’s southern part, the Jhirna zone was included in the tiger reserve zone in 1994. The primary attractions of this zone are not only tigers but wild bears too. Tiger sightings are common in the zone and one will come across various types of wildlife species as well.

Dhela Zone

Being open throughout the year, this zone can be accessed from Ramnagar easily. However, you have to depend on the climatic conditions if you are planning to go on a safari tour right here. This location is ideal for bird watchers since you will find lots of exotic bird species right here. Although it might not be possible to view tigers in the Dhela zone, one will come across deer, elephants, leopards, and Nilgais.

Bijrani Zone

It is also a common zone in the Corbett National Park, and day safari tourists visit this place regularly. The Bijrani Zone will be appropriate for you if you like to view the royal Bengal tiger. Here, you will come across attractive landscapes as well as a tranquil atmosphere much to the satisfaction of the tourists. The topography of this zone is characterized by innumerable water streams, vast Grasslands, and dense Sal forests. It will be feasible for the tourists to take part in a Jeep safari in this zone mentioned here.

The Dhikala Zone

Here you will come across the maximum number of tigers since it is situated in a secluded part of the National Park. Arguably, the Dhikala zone happens to be the most visited and popular zone among all the different zones mentioned in this article. The reason for this is that it provides the maximum opportunities for tiger sightings. One can enter this zone any time between 10 am and 4 pm.

Garjiya Devi

This one happens to be a recently opened safari area that is open to tourists right now. The Garjiya Devi zone has been made available to visitors by the Jim Corbett administration because the number of safari seats has become limited in recent times. Lots of wildlife buffs have become frustrated because it was not feasible for them to go on safari during the hectic travel season. The good thing is that this tourist area will provide you with an extensive range of bird and animal species much to the satisfaction of the safari enthusiasts. One can also make tiger sightings in this area at frequent intervals.

Phato zone

This zone will allow you to enjoy natural scenic beauty to the fullest while you are putting up at one of the many riverside resorts in Jim Corbett. The Phato zone will also enable tourists to watch wildlife including tigers right now. There is hardly any doubt that this zone will not disappoint you if you like to feast your eyes on the beauty of Mother Nature. And the most notable thing is that you can do this without spending much money at all.

The Durga Devi Zone

Being located on the northeastern fringes of the Jim Corbett National Park, the Durga Devi Zone houses different types of plant and animal species. The Durga Devi Zone will gratify nature lovers to the fullest, thanks to the enchanting natural surroundings and hilly topography. The water bodies of this area have been enriched by the Mandal River and the Ramganga River. The primary attractions of the Durga Devi zone are wild elephants, leopards, and otters apart from tigers.

Sitabani Zone

Being a buffer area of the tiger reserve, the Sitabani Zone will provide you with an extensive range of flora and fauna. However, you might find it somewhat difficult to spot a tiger in this area because it happens to be a buffer zone. Nevertheless, it will be feasible to spot deer, elephants, nilgais, as well as other herbivorous creatures right here.
Before concluding this post, we like to mention that the Dhikala zone can be considered the most suitable zone for sighting tigers in the entire Jim Corbett National Park. On the other hand, the Jhirna zone happens to be the appropriate zone for indulging in elephant safari where you will find lots of flora and fauna as well.

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